1)  All partnerships in BSC tournaments have to post a convention card,

 Or use a relatively simple natural system with no "surprises””
                                      For the opponents (such as sayc or bbo basic)

            2) Players using more complex bidding systems have to alert all bids!
                       and explained in english, whatever your system you playing!

Absolutely no psyche bids in 1st, 2nd, positions
failure to abide by this will result in penalties.

3)BID without unnecessary delay.

4) If someone does not bid, please send them a private message before you Call Director,

  A private message DOES get the bidding going:

Remember that the software will give the table an average
if the last board has not started in auction before the end of the 4 minute mark, you will get a AVERAGE by the software.

if board was finished completely. Notify TD

In case you do  misclick in bidding  Stop Call TD any time

6) Always accept TD’s decision If you think TD did wrong you can notify BSC_HOST

           (TDs are humans and may do mistakes, 

          He/she will always do his/her best.
          BE NICE  and accept the decision